Monday, 13 February 2012

A Disappointing Purchase

Yesterday I was just doing a quick Winners (large liquidation chain store) run, I wasn't planning on buying anything but I came across this Fahrenheit straightener for only $40, and its heat went up to 450 where my current straightener only goes to 410. Now, there is nothing wrong with the one I have I was just hoping this one might be able to get the job done faster on my thick, curly, Indian hair, and it's just suuuch a pretty colour! I was super excited to use it, but that excitement faded pretty quick. Not only did the plates pull at my hair, it was left looking dull and flat, I was forced to pull out my old one to finish the job. As much as I wanted to like this I just couldn't so I would have to give it a rating of 2/5, as much as I love a great deal,  this one is sadly not worth it! xo


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